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Our History

The first school building was obtained from the Department of Highways in 1943 and was placed on the property directly behind the first church. It was later moved to the Knights of Columbus property. The first school trustees were elected on April 13, 1943. The founding of this Dryden school was not an easy task. Teachers with Ontario Qualifications were difficult to acquire. A request was made to the Diocese of St. Boniface for sisters who would teach at the new school. Unfortunately, none could be found. Father Dugal finally located teachers in Crookston, Minnesota at the Sisters of St. Joseph's Academy. The teachers arrived in Dryden via railway in August 1943. Since those days, the school has been relocated to Parkdale Road and the past two decades have seen our student population swell. This influx of students created a need for expansion onto and within the school. Even today we have portables to accommodate the hundreds of K-8 students in our St. Joseph's family.