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School Council

School Council Members:
Joseph Hart (Principal)
Jaime Fenton (Vice Principal) 
School council is made up of parent volunteers, the principal and/or vice-principal, a volunteer teacher and board staff who meet 3 to 4 times per year. One parent is elected as chair and also participates in the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), which includes parent council chairs from all the Northwest Catholic DSB schools as well as the Director of Education and other board staff.
The purpose of school council is to give parents a voice about decisions that impact students and the school. Engaging parents in school decision making improves student achievement and enhances the accountability of the education system to parents. The communication is two-way. Parents have the opportunity to bring forward their views on issues that are important to them. Principals consult with and respond to school council about any impending changes or issues that come up at school.

Some examples of recent discussion items at parent council have included the transition to an online payment system for school lunches and events, the safe arrival program, SJS School Improvement Plan, providing input into the Northwest Catholic District School Boards strategic plan, parking/traffic issues, and our schools EQAO scores (standardized provincial test scores for grade 3 & 6 students).
If you are interested in joining school council please notify the school office. Future meeting dates and meeting minutes will be posted here. All parents are welcome!